Canine Good Citizen Certification

CGC is a great way to strengthen your bond and build confidence in your ability to train your dog. Having your dog CGC certified shows your friends, family, and community that you have taken the time to ensure your pet will be a polite member of society and that you are a responsible owner. CGC is also the first step for many dogs in becoming a therapy or service dog. If you’re interested in pursuing further training like sports, obedience and trick titles, CGC is a great foundation to build from.

This 5-week long force free, positive reinforcement training class is only $56 per class for Basic Members ($279 total)! As with all Barx Parx services, additional membership discounts for Standard and Plus Members apply on top of this great introductory offer.

Earn your Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification at Barx Parx. This 5 week class includes the CGC Certification test and one free retake. Maximum of 3 dogs per class!

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