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Dog DNA Testing – Results for Joey

The DNA results from the test we did on our dog Puddles were so interesting we knew we would have to test Joey as well. Well folks, the results are in and it is confirmed: Joey is a good boy! But what else? What other secrets lie in the intertwined strains of...

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5 Things To Do With Your Dog In The Summer Heat

Summertime in the desert can be extremely hot. We've compiled a list of things to do when it is simply too hot to do anything outside. With temperatures soaring, it can be tough for your dog to get the socialization and exercise that he or she needs.

Find some...

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Benefits Of Dog Socialization

Dog socialization is important to prepare your dog for new situations and give them the skills to handle new interactions with confidence. Dog socialization benefits your dog in many ways, however, there are some potential concerns that you should also be aware of and take into consideration with your outings.