Puppy Agility Training



This small group class has very limited availability.

Puppy Agility is designed to teach handling techniques and introduce your new pup to fun, exciting, low impact agility obstacles. During this class your pup will learn the basics of some key agility obstacles, build confidence and desensitize your pup to noises, distractions and new surfaces. This is a low impact class designed to protect puppy growth plates.

Puppy agility

Puppy agility training- 6 week class 3

This 6-week long force free, positive reinforcement agility training class is only $55 per class ($329.95 total)!

As with all Barx Parx services, additional membership discounts for Standard and Plus Members apply.

What does semi-private mean? Maximum of 3-5 dogs per class!

Puppies should be from 6 to 12 months of age and have basic familiarity with the sit and stay commands. All dogs must have current vaccines (Bordetella, Distemper and Rabies), spayed or neutered over 6 months of age and pass a behavior assessment.

Please consult with your instructor for specific age recommendations based upon your dog’s specific breed and growth plate development.



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