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Barx Parx is a fun, social and profitable pet business.

Looking to be involved with a dog business that is more than a business? Barx Parx is invested in the local community and deeply involved with non-profit organizations. Start a business that can truly make a difference.

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Want to help build a better community full of happy, healthy, socialized dogs? Would you love to help dog owners learn about their canine buddies, enjoy life, relax and unwind a little? Are you passionate about being involved with your local dog rescues and non-profit community? If so, it sounds like you share some of values and you might just be the perfect investor in the pet industry.

This is a truly unique time for service based businesses like Barx Parx due to challenges in the retail sector. Service and experience based businesses cannot be duplicated by online retailers like Amazon. Our partnership with NewMarket Advisors provides us an inside perspective into national retail opportunities.

The U.S. pet industry has reached $86 billion dollars in annual sales and is continuing to grow rapidly. The overwhelming success of Barx Parx has quickly proven that people love having a safe, exciting, clean place where they can socialize with other dog owners. What are you waiting for? Shoot us an email below to be a part this exciting pet concept as we continue to grow.

The majority of US households own pets and the overwhelming majority of those are dogs. People’s love for animals is reflected in how much they spend on their pets. The pet industry in 2020 was worth over $103 billion and has been increasing at over 10% per year since then. Pet services as a whole including training, daycare and grooming are under served by national big box chains.

Barx Parx indoor dog park concept is a monthly membership recurring revenue business model (like a gym) and is driven primarily by the community aspect of the indoor dog park. Most dog lovers crave social interaction for their dogs and with other pet lovers. With weekly happy hour events and breed specific meetups, Barx Parx quickly becomes a community and a hub for pet parents.

Indoor/Outdoor Private Dog Park
Force Free
Cage and Kennel Free
Communication & Transparency
Low Staff to Dog Ratio
Positive Reinforcement Training
Community Involvement

Do you feel like you share our core values? Do you feel like you would like to be a part of a pet business that you can feel good about? If you answered yes to both of the above questions, you might be a good candidate to invest in the future of Barx Parx. We are currently looking for investors to help us continue to grow the brand and expand our footprint.

The Barx Parx brand is plural (Barks Parks) which reflects our vision of having multiple exciting locations for our members. The Barx Parx concept works best in cold, windy, rainy and hot climates. With some changes to the mix of indoor and outdoor space, the concept will work very well in more temperate climates too!

Transparency and trust are essential Barx Parx with an open layout where members can check on their dogs at all times through webcams and communication with park rangers.

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