We like to play and have a
great time but we take
safety and cleanliness
very seriously

A safe, clean and healthy space for our visitors is our number one priority. Barx Parx uses electrostatic sanitization to protect against bacteria, pathogens known to cause kennel cough (canine influenza) and Bordetella. This is a higher level of sanitization than many veterinary clinics. You can’t keep your dog in a sanitary bubble but we want to be the next best thing.

Seriously Clean

Barx Parx uses electrostatic sprayers to sanitize the facility nightly. These sprayers charge and atomize a non-toxic dog-safe cleaning solution which provides uniform and complete coverage of all surfaces in the play areas.
Used in airlines, hotels, healthcare and schools.
Kills bacterial, viral, fungal and other pathogens
100% human and animal safe

Cutting edge sanitizing and disinfection.

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Electrostatic disinfectant
Heroes for healthy pets certified

Knowledgeable and Trained

Barx Parx staff are trained in best practices to help prevent and manage infectious diseases. Our first priority will always be the health and safety of clients and pets, and our certified status is an example of our commitment to keeping your dog healthy.

As with humans, being in social places comes with inherent risks but we can minimize those risks by taking precautions. Every place that dogs frequent comes with a risk of dog flu and other infectious diseases. Be sure to socialize your dog places that require proof of current vaccines and have proper sanitation procedures in place.

At Barx Parx we know the
value of socialization
for dogs and their humans.

We are passionate about the trust
you put in us to keep you and your pets
healthy and free of infectious diseases.

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