Self Wash Stations


Bathe your canine best friend at Barx Parx! Our professional grade dog self wash stations are extra large and roomy (with steps!) - perfect for dogs of all sizes and all ages. We supply everything but the dog! When you come in for a dog wash, we'll give you a pup bathing kit including everything you need all in a tidy, convenient caddy for you to carry. Our stainless steel washing tubs are individually housed, each with their own gated entry as well as steps up to the tub for lift-free baths.


Steps leading up into the waist-high tub make it comfortable for both you and your pet. Our temperature controlled water allows for optimal enjoyment. Take your pick of multiple high quality shampoo options including all-natural, hypoallergenic, oatmeal and more. Wear a water resistant apron to help you stay dry.

Use our rubber scrubbers, brushes and combs to get a great deep clean. Then finish with either a towel or blow dry. Best of all - you leave the mess behind!

  • Choice of high quality shampoos
  • Towels
  • Aprons
  • Rubber scrubber, brushes and combs
  • Blow dryer


The health of your dog is very important to us – at Barx Parx, we promise a clean environment for your pet. We take care of sanitizing each bay after every wash so they are clean and disinfected for the next lucky dog. Don't worry about the fur left behind; we'll take care of that too.

We look forward to having you stop by and join us in the fun of washing your dog together with your friends and neighbors. We promise it's a lot more fun than washing your dog at home!

*Additional discounts available for Standard and Plus Members. Please note that all prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

Interested in Barx Parx self wash? As with all Barx Parx amenities, registration, vaccine records and a free behavior assessment is required prior to your first wash. Memberships are optional but are recommended if you wish to take advantage of discounted rates.