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The safest dog facility in Las Vegas presents the safest training program!

Small group dog training classes with Barx Parx Univerisity allow you to learn and practice skills around controlled distractions. and encourage you to be consistent about training during the course period. Group classes alone are often a cost effective method for learning behavior and obedience foundational skills. Private training can be a great way to supplement skills learned in group classes.

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At Barx Parx University our certified, positive reinforcement trainers teach all desired behaviors and take education a step further by instructing pet parents about safety. Safety instruction includes dog body language, thresholds, triggers and how to navigate through this busy world with a strong emphasis on pet and owner safety. We make sure to set our two and four legged students up for success from day one. Safety is number one at Barx Parx University; if your pup is safe, you are safe.

Puppy Classes

Puppy Socialization

8 Weeks to 4 Months

Positive interactions are key to developing self confidence and social skills. Puppy socialization at Barx Parx is a great way for pups to practice their social skills.

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Puppy Academy

4 Months to 8 Months

The Puppy Academy class is for Puppies 4mo – 8mo or have no prior training. Level 1 and Level 2 courses are is designed to begin learning the pillars of public safety which include, Focus, Recall, Leave-it, Sit/Stay and Loose Leash walking.

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Puppy Agility

4 Months to 12 Months

Puppy Agility is designed to teach handling techniques and introduce your new pup to fun, exciting, low impact agility obstacles.

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Adult Classes

Beginner Academy

The Beginner Academy is a class for puppies six months and up. Level 1 and Level 2 courses are designed to build upon the skills that pet parents have already started and have achieved some success with training cues such as sit, stay, down, leave-it and an introduction to loose leash walking.

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Intermediate Academy

The Intermediate Academy is a class for pups who have passed Puppy Academy or Beginner Academy or equivalent experience. This course is designed to begin “fluency” which means the dog performs the desired behavior correctly, smoothly, and without hesitation.

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Advanced Academy

The Advanced Academy is a class for pups who have passed Intermediate Academy or have equivalent skills.  This course is designed to begin Public Generalization which means that your dog can apply a concept to many situation. The curriculum is comprehensive of everything taught prior including real-world scenarios in public with distractions, distance, and duration.

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Agility Training

Using basic obedience techniques, dogs and their pet parents will learn how to successfully execute various obstacles in an agility course like weaves, hurdles, hoop jumps, tunnels, dog walk, teeter totter, a-frame and more.

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Nosework Training

Harness the power of your dog’s nose! Nosework is fun for humans, dogs love to participate, and it’s great for building confidence and focus. Attending dogs are taught how to confidently ignore distractions and focus on the target scent.

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Barx Parx trainers promote and utilize positive reinforcement training techniques.

Force-free dog training is a fun, reward based training method which helps to build trust and reinforce the bond between owner and dog. Positive training is incredibly effective and does not have the potential to cause stress, fear and physical injury to our dogs through the application of force, pain or intimidation. Unlike humans, dogs do not understand consequences of their actions so punishment based training approaches only create fear and reactivity, lessening the bond between the pet parent and dog.

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