Dog Daycare

How is cage and kennel free dog daycare different?

Dog daycare
Mental Stimulation
Mental stimulation while at dog daycare can be up to three times more exhausting as physical exercise alone. The commonly used phrase “a tired dog is a good dog” leaves out a lot! Dogs that are involved in mental stimulation are often more well-behaved than those who are only partaking in physical exercise. New smells, exciting socialization and group play with toys will all lead to a very happy pupper.
A Social Experience
Boarding your dog in a social environment builds confidence and keeps your dog mentally stimulated. Most dogs get a great sense of calm when they are around other dogs that are having a good time. Dogs that are shy or not well socialized may find the environment to be stressful. For these dogs, we recommend visiting the park with them a few times to help them build confidence in a social environment. If your dog sees that you are comfortable, they will quickly understand that this is a place they can feel comfortable too.
Cage & Kennel Free
In a typical daycare environment dogs are caged or kenneled with brief periods of play. Barx Parx cage and kennel free daycare flips this model and dogs are playing the entire time with brief time-outs and rest periods. Barx Parx does it better.
Distracts From Your Absence
There is little question that your dog will miss you while you are gone. Cage and kennel free boarding allows your dog to shift his or her focus to play and other humans rather than worrying about when you will be back. We aren’t trying to replace you, we promise.

Barx Parx does dog daycare better

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Daycare Options

Two Hour

A couple hours to socialize and burn off some steam!

Half Day

A half day of playtime at your dog's favorite place.

Full Day

A day of playtime? Yes please!

Twelve Hour

Need a longer day of daycare? No problem!


Drop-off & Pick-up Policy: Dogs may be dropped off or picked up between the hours of 6am and 9:45pm.

Reservation Policy: Reservations are highly recommended. Barx Parx members receive priority booking.

Rules: In order to play in the park, board or use the daycare facilities, owners must register their dogs and provide proof of their spay/neuter and of current vaccinations in addition to passing a pre-scheduled behavior assessment. Owners must also go over the park rules and regulations and agree to Barx Parx terms before using the facility.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations with less than 48 hours of advance notice will be charged 50% of boarding/daycare fees.

Pricing: All prices are subject to change at any time. There is an additional 25% upcharge and $50 deposit for holiday and high volume weeks: CCSD Spring Break, Easter Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, July 4th Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend, CCSD Winter Break. Boarding discounts are available for Standard and Plus members. Membership discounts are applicable to all boarding & daycare stays including holidays.

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