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Here at Barx Parx University, priority number one is always: public safety first! Our certified positive reinforcement trainers prioritize practice, love, bonding and fun while teaching good manners and desired behaviors. What makes us different? We are proactive in our approach to educating pet parents how to handle unexpected dangers in public, learning, canine body language, emotional thresholds, reactive triggers and how to navigate well-mannered pups through this busy, real world with public safety first at all times. We strive to set all of our students up for success from day one at Barx Parx University! If your pup is safe, then you as a parent are safe, and we would love to help us all get there together.

The safest dog facility in Las Vegas presents the safest training program!

Puppy Development
Senior Dog Behavior Support
Agility, Nosework & Tricks
Life Skills / Manners
Adolescent Behavior Support
Mental Stimulation & Enrichment
Behavior Modification
Socialization & Body Language
Dog training agility equipment

Barx Parx offers dog training solutions for
all levels of your pup's development!

Puppy training

Early socialization is key for helping your pup on his or her way to becoming a well adjusted adult. Barx Parx offers classes from Puppy Socialization to basic manners, obedience and relationship building in Puppy Academy. Check out our puppy training page for more information.

Training 1

Positive reinforcement, enrichment, manners, obedience and skills classes in a fun environment. From our intro level Beginner Academy, Tricks, Agility and Nose Work, Barx Parx offers something for every pup.

Agility training

Specialized positive reinforcement classes such as tricks, advanced agility and private sessions with a certified trainer. Private sessions tailored to your pup’s specific needs can be at our facility, your home or even during daycare and boarding.

Barx Parx trainers promote and utilize positive reinforcement training techniques.

Force-free dog training is a fun, reward based training method which helps to build trust and reinforce the bond between owner and dog. Positive training is incredibly effective and does not have the potential to cause stress, fear and physical injury to our dogs through the application of force, pain or intimidation. Unlike humans, dogs do not understand consequences of their actions so punishment based training approaches only create fear and reactivity, lessening the bond between the pet parent and dog.

All sizes & breeds
Puppy Training
Basic Obedience
Potty Training
Leash Training
Off-Leash Training
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Barx Parx offers personal instruction in your home or at our facility. We also offer small group classes for a wide variety of positive reinforcement instruction types. Whether it is basic manners, loose leash walking, tricks or other behavior changes, we look forward to working with you and your pup.

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