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Beginner Academy is a six week semi-private group training class designed for pups with little to no experience with following commands. This class has no prerequisites and is a great place to start with an adolescent to adult dog. As with all classes at Barx Parx, this is a positive reinforcement class. Your Barx Parx membership discount applies to this class. Graduates of Beginner Academy advance to Intermediate Academy.

The Beginner Academy class is for puppies ages six months and up. This course is designed to build upon the skills with training cues such as sit, stay, down, leave-it and an introduction to loose leash walking.

The curriculum consists of: safety pillars, leave-it, loose leash walking, down, leash fix-it, Beginner sit/down stays, wait, expanded sit/down stays, puppy push-ups and expanded leave-it specific to outdoor environments. In this course we also begin to add distractions, distance, and duration.

Beginner Academy Features
Name Game
Eye Contact
Sit and Stay
Loose Leash Walking
Polite Greetings
Take It & Leave It
Wait at a Boundary
Many More!

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Beginner Academy

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