Before You Go


Before you go, check out all of the great details about what exactly we are and what amazing things we have to offer for both you and your dog.

All we can say is: get ready to have some fun! You are going to love Barx Parx and we are really looking forward to meeting you and your canine best friend.

Stop by for some indoor dog park fun and sip on a craft beer while you and your pup socialize! We also offer doggy daycare, kennel/cage free puppy sleepovers, positive-reinforcement training, full-service grooming, self wash stations, retail, event rental and more..

Want a tour? We would love to give you one as well as answer any questions that you might have about Barx Parx. We are very proud of our facility and can't wait to show you around! Please just make sure you arrive during our indoor dog park/lobby hours and leave your pup(s) at home for the tour.

Barx Parx is a social place for dogs and their people. We want you to come and have FUN! Check out these tips before you stop by.


1. Requirements to attend:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Your dog must be well socialized and do well with other pups and people.
  • Dogs should be healthy and free from contagious illness, disease, parasites, lice, fleas and ticks.
  • Dogs must pass a behavior assessment. 20 minute behavior assessments are performed by trained staff members and are by appointment only. A $12.95 two-hour trial on a different day is also required for any dogs that would like to do daycare or boarding.
  • Pups younger than four months are not permitted.
  • Dogs older than six months must be spayed or neutered.
  • Written proof of current vaccinations is required for
    • Rabies
    • Bordetella
    • DHPP

Sending vaccination proof ahead of time is always best. Email your records to before you come and we'll shoot you an "all clear" message or let you know what else is needed.

Not sure exactly what is needed, no problem! Our staff is always willing to help and we can reach out directly to your vet on your behalf if necessary.

2. All dogs must be leashed upon entering the building and remain on leash in all areas of the facility - except in the designated off-leash areas. Remove your pup's leash before he joins the other dogs to play.

3. You must keep an eye on your pup and be in control of them at all times. Remain in sight of your dog at all times to ensure and don't turn your back on them. Your dog is your responsibility and keeping an eye on them will help keep them playing safe. Please consider wearing closed toe shoes and refrain from excessive cell phone usage.

4. You must clean up your dog's #2 messes. Pee, poop and spit ups are no big deal. We just ask that you help clean up after them so that all pups and pet owners can fully enjoy their Barx Parx experience in a clean, odor-free environment. If you bag it, we will come behind you and mop it up right away.

5. Any bullying, cornering, fighting, excessive snarling, biting, bleeding or excessive barking, (even when playing) means it's time to go for the day. Dogs don't know how to stop themselves, so we need your help to keep everyone safe. While every dog communicates differently, there are some very easy things to watch for to make sure safe play is maintained. Check out this helpful guide!

6. Dogs showing any signs of aggression must be leashed and immediately removed from the park. It's always better to be safe than sorry! We understand that everyone has a bad day sometimes. If you know your pup is already anxious, stressed out or on edge that day, it's best to stay home and visit Barx Parx on a later date.

7. We are a completely enclosed, indoor facility that is designed for a relaxed, safe level of play. Excessive and/or focus barking is not allowed in our confined environment. Even when playing, the "talking" can frenzy other dogs and stress out the entire space. As soon as one dog starts barking, many others follow, and the mood changes very quickly! We understand that some dogs play in this manner, but for an indoor space, it can create anxiety for the other pups. You must be able to quiet your dogs down, redirect their attention and demonstrate full control.

8. Barx Parx offers beer, cider, wine, coffee, tea, energy drinks, soda, sports drinks and water to quench your thirst. Plastic cups will be provided to easily transfer glass bottled beverages into. Non-chocolate snacks will also be available including jerky and crackers. Beverages can go anywhere, but all snacks and dog treats must stay in the on-leash, bar area only. You're also more than welcome to bring your own food, but consume at your own risk!

9. Pawty like a dogstar! We've got a perfect private rental space for your next event. Check out our rental page and ask for a tour next time you visit!

10. Just like the outdoor dog parks you visit, our indoor dog park has a few rules and etiquette guidelines. Click here to see them!

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