Behavior Assessment & Day Pass Combo

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Barx Parx offers and requires behavioral assessments of every dog before any services may be purchased. Assessments take approximately twenty minutes per dog and may be purchased separately or are included with new memberships at no additional charge. Common practice for many day care and boarding facilities is to simply put your dog into the play area with other dogs and see how they do. That sort of “trial by fire” assessment isn’t fair to your dog and doesn’t provide the level of safety that Barx Parx is committed to providing for our two legged and four legged guests.

At Barx Parx, we understand what safe canine play means and we are committed to ensure that dogs that we allow into the park are comfortable around both humans and other dogs. Once our assessor establishes a level of comfort with your dog’s social skills, we will introduce your dog to other dogs in our play area. As we go through the assessment we will communicate many of the behaviors that we see along with pointing out many of the body language communication indicators that your dog is trying to communicate.

This combo includes a behavior assessment and day pass which allows your pup to come back during normal park hours on the same day as a successful assessment.

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