Source: International Boarding & Pet Care Services Association

The IBPSA recommends a ratio of 15 dogs per one human supervisor as a safe standard.

Barx Parx takes this a step further and offers the best standard of care in Las Vegas with one staff supervising no more than twelve dogs.

With the best safety record in Las Vegas, Barx Parx Does it Better!
How Trained is Your Staff? What is Your Staff to Dog Ratio? Is Staff On-Site 24/7? What Are Your Vaccine Requirements? What Are Your Cleaning Procedures? Are Tours Permitted? Do You Have Webcams? What is Your Safety Record? Do You Have an Evacuation Plan? How Far is the Closest Veterinarian?

IBPSA is dedicated to educating our IBPSA Members and providing the resources they need to create safe and responsible pet care environments. All IBPSA Members have access to safety programs and ongoing safety education.

Some facilities have 30 40 50 dogs to a single staff member.
With the best safety record in Las Vegas, Barx Parx does it better!

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