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Want to win a Barx Parx YETI Cooler?

Want to win a YETI cooler for those hot days doing outdoor activities with your dog? Whether it’s tailgating, a day in the great outdoors or an afternoon at the dog park, YETI Coolers have you covered. YETI is pretty much the undisputed king of coolers just like Barx Parx is the king...

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Best Of Las Vegas 2018

Thank you to everyone who voted for us as your favorite Las Vegas dog experience! Because of our amazing customers, Barx Parx was fortunate enough to be nominated for two categories this year: best pet daycare/boarding facility and best date night. Best of Las Vegas winners were announced on October 14, 2018. We...
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All About Self Wash Stations

Knees on cold tile with your back bent over a bath tub, struggling with an uncooperative dirty pup. Attempting to wash the dog in the shower or the back yard can certainly be frustrating. This image sounds familiar to most dog owners. Have you thought about washing your dog in a self wash station? They are...
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