5 Things To Do With Your Dog In The Summer Heat

Summertime in the desert can be extremely hot. We've compiled a list of things to do when it is simply too hot to do anything outside. With temperatures soaring, it can be tough for your dog to get the socialization and exercise that he or she needs.

Find some water

Many dogs are natural swimmers and absolutely love water activities. Las Vegas has some amazing water nearby with boating, kayaking and paddleboarding. Lake Mead National Recreation Area even has a dog friendly beach called Boulder Beach. Pools are always an option and a few of our local dog parks have water features as well. If all else fails, a run through backyard sprinklers can help cool your pup down. Make sure you know the signs of water intoxication just in case your dog takes in more water he or she can handle.

Get up early

It may be tough to pry yourself out of bed early but your dog will love the opportunity to get up and watch the sun rise. Bring water for your walk and as temperatures rise, pay attention to the temperature of the concrete or asphalt that your dog is walking on. If you walk later in the day, remember that it can take quite some time for these surfaces to cool down. Touch the back of your hand to the ground to ensure that the your pup's paws aren't going to burn.

Take your dog shopping with you

Lots of stores allow you to bring your dog to shop with you. Here are just a few of the non-pet stores that allow your non-service dogs to come with you.

  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Nordstrom
  • The Apple Store
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Pottery Barn
  • Macy's

Incorporate your dog into your indoor exercises

If you have a smaller dog, balance work is a great way to stretch your body, improve flexibility, muscle tone, strength and conditioning. A wonderful example of this is Dogilates, a Pilates mat experience for dogs and their owners to socialize, stretch and stabilize. Dogilates is offered regularly to Barx Parx members and guests in a partnership between Alley Fitness, one of Las Vegas' premier pilates studios. Check the Dogilates page for more information about the experience and for upcoming classes.

With very little coaching, you can teach your dog to walk or even run on a treadmill. Watch a few youtube videos or request some instruction from the trainers at Barx Parx and your dog will be trotting along in no time.

Indoor Dog Park

We would be remiss if we didn't mention this one. Barx Parx was created to help dogs and their people socialize and enjoy each other's company safely, regardless of the weather. If you don't have a Barx Parx near you, private dog park experiences are popping up all over the world. A couple things to check for:

Does your dog park:

  • Require current vaccination records?
  • Require dogs to be spayed or neutered after they reach a certain age?
  • Offer park supervision and actively encourage positive play at all times?
  • Have big screen tvs to watch the game and offer beer and wine during happy hour?

Sorry, had to get that last bullet point in there. We are pretty unique and we love the experience that we bring to our members and their guests.

Regardless of where and how you do it, we encourage you to spend time with your dog in the summer just like you do in the winter. Just be safe about it and have a great time.

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