Dog DNA Testing – Results for Joey

The DNA results from the test we did on our dog Puddles were so interesting we knew we would have to test Joey as well. Well folks, the results are in and it is confirmed: Joey is a good boy! But what else? What other secrets lie in the intertwined strains of Joey's DNA. Joey is a rescue pupper and we don't know too much about him. We know that Joey and 8 of his brothers and sisters were rescued by <rescue company name here> . You can catch Joey on his Instagram @joeyhas3paws or playing with his friends at Barx Parx.

So who is Joey?

Joey is a happy, energetic pup who is constantly finding things to get into. Joey loves to go on adventures and eating sticks and pillows. Joey doesn't really mind baths but he isn't a fan of wearing hats. Sometimes Joey gets spooked if he can't see you very well or if you stomp your feet.

So what breeds make up a "Joey" exactly?

Would you believe that all of the below breeds were found in Joey's DNA? I 💩 you not! Pure bred is something our beloved Joey is not. Take a look through the breeds below, which traits do you see? Which of these fifteen breeds do you think are his top five?

So there you have it, Joey is an almost pure-bred German Belgian Staffy Bull Poodle. One thing is for certain, there isn't another pupper quite like our Joey. Wisdom Panel estimated Joey's family tree to look something like the image below.

Click on the image to zoom in.

What will we do with this information?

Aside from making conversation and answering some questions that were costing us some sleep, not much. He was silly boy before his DNA test and an even sillier boy now that we know about all of the Pit Bull Poodles on the left side of his family tree. The DNA results didn't come back with any concerning health traits so we've got some interesting results to share with friends like you. Interested in checking out a few more DNA tests? Check out Lilley and Daisy!

So what should you do if you want to test your good boy (or girl) to see what secrets might lie between the strands of DNA? You can ask one of the qualified Barx Parx trainers to teach your dog to perform DNA tests on himself/herself or you can take advantage of the special offer from Embark below. Joey is a smart cookie but I'm not sure that he has the attention span to learn DNA sequencing. If he sequenced his own DNA, would he skew the results?

Have you done a DNA test on your dog? Did you get surprising results? Share your information with us on our contact us page. We would love to create another article about your dog! This stuff is really interesting to us.

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