Corgi Dog Breed Information

The Welsh Corgi or as sometimes called the Corgi is a small breed dog that originated in Wales. This breed was originally used as a herding dog but as with most breeds, lost its original purpose in today's society. There are two types, namely the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The Pembroke was particularly popular with Flemish weavers that moved to the UK at around the 10th century. However the Cardigan was more popular with Nordic settlers, particularly Swedish.

Welsh Corgi Popularity

The Pembroke is the more common of the two breeds. In fact the Cardigan is a vulnerable breed that we may not see any more in the near future. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi gained a big boost in popularity by Queen Elizabeth II. The whole royal family was fond of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Queen Elizabeth II was no difference. In fact she liked the breed since she was a child. In total she has owned more than 30 corgis since she became queen of the United Kingdom in 1952!!

Corgi Breed Meme

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Grooming and Upkeep

This breed has a thick double layered, strong and weatherproof coat! The outer coat is coarse while inner coat is softer and lighter in nature. As a result the Welsh corgi does require a fair amount of grooming. Daily brushing is recommended especially during late spring / early summer when they shed their coat! Bathing helps to keep the coat under control. Regularly inspect and clean the ears to avoid humidity and possible infections. As with other long coat dogs, humidity may accumulate in the ears and lead to infections. Trim the nails as you would do with any other dog.

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Although this breed is not big, it packs quite a punch. In reality the Welsh corgi is a herding dog and thus developed to do the job. It is quite muscular and classed as a medium energy dog. This breed will benefit from an adequate amount of daily exercise. Moreover this dog loves to play, is smart but can get bored if not mentally stimulated. Dog daycare is great for the Corgis breed to ensure that they receive sufficient mental and physical exercise. With their tiny legs, long walks aren't necessary, a short walk or a slow jog will do them just right.

Health & Longevity

As per a survey conducted in 2004, the two breeds were found to have the same average lifespan of around 12 years. Similarly the main cause of death in both breeds was canine cancer, followed by old age. However the Pembroke Welsh corgi showed an significant number of deaths caused by renal failure.

The Pembroke breed is more prone to eye conditions such as progressive retinal atrophy, usually in dogs above 6 years. Older individuals also showed signs of canine glaucoma. On a good note though, the Welsh corgi has a good skeletal system and is not prone to hip and elbow dysplasia.


Both Welsh Corgi breeds should be fed good quality dog food. This breed is prone to put on weight so keep a close eye on the calorie intake. Regular walks or play time in the park will help to shed off that extra weight. Any diet you administer must consider of the dog's age in order to properly regulate weight. Always talk to your vet if your corgi is gaining weight.


Like any other breed, it is very important to socialize a Welsh corgi from a very young age. Enrolling your corgi in some dog day care center would be the preferred option. It is also very important to expose corgis to as many different places, environments, substrates and experiences as gently as possible in order to raise a perfectly confident and balanced Welsh corgi. This breed thrives in a positive training model. Corgis are pleasers and will do anything to make you smile or even better, get a treat!

In Conclusion

The Welsh Corgi is a breed that captures the heart of many. With their quirky bodies and flappy ears no wonder many fall in love at first sight. Corgis managed to infiltrate even the royal family!

Keep in mind that this is a herding dog and requires a fair amount of exercise. Regular visits to the groomer are also necessary and a daily brush will make your life much easier. Corgis are generally healthy but ensure that your Corgi gets plenty of exercise and keep an eye on his or her weight.

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