Featured Member Spotlight: Meet Lucky!

We have a ton of puptastic members at Barx Parx and love all of them! Want to get to know one of them a bit a more? Find out when you can play with them at Barx Parx Indoor Dog Park? Here's our featured member spotlight for Lucky! Read more below about this adorable cutie who visits us on a regular basis.

Name: Lucky
Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Age: 8 years old
Gender: Male
Instagram: @lucky_jujubee

Tell us a little about yourself, Lucky!

I'm from Merced, a small town in central California, but I've always had big dreams. Six years ago I was wandering the streets, my belly aching from hunger as I searched for a bite to eat. Then it happened: A huge white truck hit me as I crossed the street. The man drove away, and I don't remember what happened next. But when I woke up I saw my mommy looking into my eyes. She told me she loved me and that I shouldn't give up, even though I was in so much pain. My broken pelvis healed and my life changed forever. I now live with mommy and daddy in Las Vegas where I enjoy lazy afternoon naps, chasing balls, long drives and trips to Barx Parx, the best dog park ever.

Who is your favorite human and why?

Mommy and daddy, of course. They take me on walks, talk to me in baby voices and spoil me with jerky treats. Oh, and did I mention mommy saved my life? Well, I saved hers too. I love them unconditionally.

Can you do any special tricks?

Does stealing mom and dad's shoes and hiding them in secret spots count? I'm really good at finding new hiding places when my usual ones -- under the couch and behind the bed -- are discovered.

What item (toy, treat, blanket, etc) can you not live without at home?

My blue squeaky toy. I insist on taking it to bed with me every single night.

Any funny habits or stories that you can share with us?

I like to fake sneezes for attention and yawn in mommy and daddy's faces. They think it's cute and give me extra rubs behind the ears.

What is your favorite part about Barx Parx?

I love running around the small dog park with my best friends - Tilak, Henry, Bentley, Lily and more. Oh, and I love my human friends -- Nanni and Patricia, especially. I love that they call me "Mr. Lucky" and scratch my favorite spot near my tail. I never want to leave!

What days and times do you normally come to Barx Parx?

Mommy and daddy work all day, but they normally bring me after 6 p.m. on weekdays and late afternoon on the weekends. I'm counting down the minutes until my next visit.

What’s your life mantra?

Never give up. The doctor said I might not make it after I got hit by the truck and I almost ended up in a shelter, but I kept fighting and I never stopped believing in myself. Life is good and every day is a new opportunity to have fun, live kindly and love unconditionally.

What are 3 words that best describe your personality?

Loyal. Kind. Gentle.

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