Reiki For Pets – Healing With Meditation

The secret to healing is found in the quiet bond we share with our pets. The way to access that space is through meditation.

Article written by Jamie Lee - Animal Bonds.


Not that long ago, Reiki was considered unusual and odd. People simply did not understand it or believe in it, but times are changing. Reiki is growing in popularity and it’s even being used in hospitals to help people recover from surgeries and illnesses. And while many people today are familiar with the healing modality of Reiki, far less people have heard of Pet Reiki. You may be wondering, isn’t Reiki for people and Reiki for animals the same thing? It is and it isn’t.

The word Reiki is a Japanese word meaning spiritual energy, referring to all things that make up the universe. All about compassion and relaxation, Reiki supports the body and mind’s natural ability to heal. In that sense, Pet Reiki and Human Reiki are the same. However, when it comes to techniques and offering Reiki, the two are very different.

What is Pet Reiki?

In its simplest form, Pet Reiki is meditating with pets. Research has shown that meditation can help manage anxiety, cancer, depression, heart disease, pain and more. It affects the mind, body, and spirit, and brings a peaceful state of being. When we find peace of mind through meditation, then healing, contentment, transformation and renewal will follow. This can happen not only for us, but also for any animals and people around us. We call this the Reiki Ripple!

How will a treatment help my pet?

For pets who are healthy, Reiki helps to maintain their well-being by enhancing relaxation and a sense of peace.

In regards to pets who are ill, Reiki supports the body and mind’s natural ability to heal.

For dying pets, Reiki is a powerful yet gentle way to provide comfort, relief from fear and anxiety, and to ease the transition to death. Reiki is also a wonderful way to support a dying pet’s family through the grieving process.

Pet Reiki is also a safe complement to conventional medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, essential oils and flower essences. It is not a replacement for veterinary medicine.

What does a Pet Reiki session look like?

Pets are always in control of the Reiki session. They decide if they will accept the Reiki, how much they will accept, if they want to be touched, and how long the session will last.

A Pet Reiki practitioner begins each session by asking the animals permission to proceed. It is as simple as silently letting the animal know that they are there to meditate, offer Reiki and that the pet is free to accept as much, or as little Reiki as they choose. Then the practitioner sets an intention for the exact healing that is needed in this exact moment. Practitioners do not diagnose or try to focus on what they think needs to be healed. They quiet their minds, connect to their compassionate hearts, and then invite the pet into the healing space this creates.

Because it is gentle, noninvasive and doesn’t require physical contact, Reiki is ideal for using with pets. It doesn’t cause stress, discomfort, or pain, and yet yields powerful results. Pets respond intuitively to Reiki and the peaceful space it creates supports the healing of emotional, behavioral, and physical illnesses and injuries.

Jamie Lee is an Animal Relationship Specialist and Shelter Animal Reiki Association Teacher/Practitioner. She is a public speaker, a published author, and she volunteers to help animals and caregivers in rescues and shelters. For more information on Animal Reiki visit or FB page Jamie Lee – Animal Bonds.


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