The Importance of Dog Socialization

The aim of dog socialization is to prepare the dog for new situations. Proper socialization gives your dog the skills that will enable him or her to handle any new situation with confidence. Dog socialization benefits your dog in countless ways.

Dog Socialization


A fully socialized dog is not something that you can achieve overnight. Dog socialization is something that is practiced and reinforced throughout the dog's life.

Socializing puppies with other dogs, people and the world around is extremely important. Socialization helps raise a confident adult dog. Puppies go through a stage called "the fear imprinting stage". This usually happens around the 8 - 12 week period of development. During this stage, puppies are very sensitive to traumatic experiences. A highly traumatic experience it could scar them for life! Consequently it is very important to expose such puppies to as many positive experiences as possible. Therefore proper positive dog socialization is one of these positive experiences that the puppies must be exposed to.

Careful, It can be too much!

Care must be given not to overwhelm puppies. Keep in mind that these creatures are still experiencing the new world around them. The aim of socialization is to desensitize the puppy and help them build confidence by pairing wonderful associations with different things in the world. This is a two part process; desensitize, and condition the good feelings/good experiences with the thing that they are being desensitized to. Over stimulation may backfire and result in excessive fear and withdrawal or avoidance behavior. Taking it easy and not overwhelming a puppy is important.

As a guide, puppies should get used to gentle handling and by different people. Puppies need to be familiar with different surfaces such as sand, grass, tiles, water puddles well as different sounds, such as birds, horses, cars etc.

As a result this will challenge the puppy's senses and make him interested to explore their world.

dog socialization


Dog socialization does not stop with puppy hood! It must continue for life! Consistent and positive socialization avoids issues such as fear or anxiety around people and other dogs. Some dogs aren't confident when dealing with dogs of various temperaments, shapes, smells and sizes will be unsure of how to act with each of these different variables and will inevitably learn how to treat each type of dog. Proper socialization and building confidence of our four legged family member is key to solving many behavioral issues.

The Benefits of Dog Socialization - Facts!

Return on your time investment!

Puppies are highly malleable. Hence proper dog socialization helps them to develop their character. Socializing a puppy properly is like wiring him properly for life. It takes a lot of investment in terms of time and effort, but the return on that investment is lifelong and undoubtedly worth the input!

Fixes behavioural issues.

Lack of socialization translates to fear, anxiety and unease. Dog socialization helps to build confidence in situations that may present some uncertainty for your dog. A confident dog is not afraid of the unknown because he or she has experienced enough positive situations to feel confident about the situations that they might experience.

Calmer trips to the Vet & Groomer.

Although not a direct result of proper socialization, a calm and confident dog (through socialization) makes these trips easier. The dog will remain calmer when in such situations. This makes his life (and yours) much easier!

Calmer & more enjoyable walks with other dogs.

Socialized dogs are able to function within a group and read the social cues of other dogs. This gives you the possibility to interact with other dogs and their owners a bit more confidently since you know that your dog will respond appropriately in various situations. Walks in the park, days at the dog beach or a day at your favorite indoor dog park are much easier with a properly socialized and composed dog!

Reduces anxiety.

Stemming from the above point, it follows that social dogs will not show signs of aggression or reactivity. Consequently this will make it easier for you to take the dog with you to different places. A well behaved and composed will give you an incentive to involve him more in your daily life.


Dog socialization involves exposing your dog to as many new experiences, people and dogs as possible and make sure that those experiences are fun and feel great for your pup! Undoubtedly, it is extremely important for any dog to begin socializing early. It is very important during the "fear imprinting stage" of puppy hood and similarly to humans, social skills are something that will be learned, forgotten, relearned and refined throughout life.


At Barx Parx, we are very concerned about your dog and we strive to provide the best service possible to help you raise a wonderful canine companion. Aside from caring for your dog, socialization is something that we work on while dogs are staying with us for daycare and overnight boarding. We have seen many dogs benefit from daycare service and considerably improve their social skills and ability to read the social cues and body language of other dogs. If you feel like being social with your pup, both you and your dog can benefit from the use of our indoor dog park. Register online and come check our facility out! We will be happy to show you around the place and explain what we do and how your dog can benefit from our services.


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