Dig – The Dog Person’s Dating App

Dig Dating App

Some people claim that their dog has the innate ability to tell a "good" person from a "bad" person. It isn't uncommon for dogs to act differently around different people, but do they really have the ability to judge a person's character?

Dogs may not be able to read minds, but they are unquestionably better at reading body language. Dogs can also sense a person's anxiety and fear much better than we are able to. Regardless of the body language, if a potential significant other doesn't get along with my dog, there probably isn't going to be much of a future with him/her. Just being honest!

So how do you connect with other dog lovers looking for love?

Dig. The dog person's dating app.

We had the pleasure of meeting with the team from Dig during a recent Las Vegas announcement about the Dig dating app. Long story short, we loved them so much that we have we've decided to create a strategic partnership with them and their quest to help dog lovers find love. With features like profiles for both you and your dog, dog friendly date ideas and special offers, you won't be disappointed!

Sisters Casey and Leigh Isaacson co-founded the Dig app to solve a problem. As the story goes, Casey was dating someone who was trying to be a "dog person" for her. However, it quickly became clear that he was not a dog person at all. For example, he didn't want the dog in his apartment and wanted to put towels down on the couch. Was there any way that Casey could have potentially known that this wasn't going to work from the beginning? From there, the two sisters worked together to develop their idea and build a company that revolved around sharing the love and joy brought from dogs with others.

Like Barx Parx, Dig is helping dog owners connect with each other and local dog communities. Dig is also an advocate of local rescues and animal shelters (love it!). If you are looking to add a new member to your pack, give them a shot!

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