Featured Member Spotlight: Meet Rebel!

We have a ton of puptastic members at Barx Parx and love all of them! Want to get to know one of them a bit a more? Find out when you can play with them at Barx Parx Indoor Dog Park? Here's our featured member spotlight for Rebel! Read more below about this super playful girl who visits us on a regular basis.

Name: Rebel
Breed: Great Dane
Age: 6 months old
Gender: Female
Instagram: @neighborhood_rebel

Tell us a little about yourself, Rebel!

My name is Rebel and I am a 6-month-old Great Dane. Some call me “rambunctious Rebel” as I am always full of energy and ready to play! If you look closely, I have two different colored eyes! One is blue and the other is brown. Another distinguishing feature is that my ears are different sizes. I was born with a deformity in which my left ear did not fully develop and I am also missing a facial muscle in my temporal region which makes my head look "caved-in" on the left side. I’ve been made fun of because of this as some have called me “lopsided” or been told that there is “something wrong with that dog’s head”. But it doesn’t bother me and it doesn’t bother my pawrents as they love me still the same! I don’t see it as much of a deformity, but rather more of a distinguishing feature!

Who is your favorite human and why?

My Daddy! He always showers me with lots of love and kisses. He always gives me lots of treats and rubs my belly. My Mom is pretty cool too, but my Daddy is my #1. Go ahead… call me a Daddy’s girl!

Can you do any special tricks?

I can make peanut butter disappear extremely fast! I can “sit” (if peanut butter is involved), stay (sometimes...as I have the attention span of a goldfish), lay down, and make eye contact with Mommy when she says “look at me”. Also, when you ask me to “shake”, I’ll give you my paw!

What item (toy, treat, blanket, etc) can you not live without at home?

Peanut butter!

Any funny habits or stories that you can share with us?

I mentioned that my Daddy is #1 in my heart, so whenever Daddy gives any sort of attention to Mommy, I get jealous. Even a simple hug or kiss is too much attention taken away from me so when he is paying attention to Mommy, I have to make it known that I don’t like this. This usually results in nibbling at my Daddy’s fingers when he is giving Mommy a hug or trying to sneak my way between them!

What is your favorite part about Barx Parx?

The amazing staff! They are always ready to greet me every time I ungracefully gallop through the front door! They are so friendly, kind, and ready to play with me!

What days and times do you normally come to Barx Parx?

My visits to Barx Parx varies week to week!

What’s your life mantra?

Life is short, eat the peanut butter!

What are 3 words that best describe your personality?

Playful, needy, and loving!

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